World Evangelism Fund (WEF)
What is the World Evangelism Fund?

The World Evangelism Fund fuels the Church of the Nazarene’s global mission. Because we can do more working together than we can alone, every church shares a small portion of income for the purpose of making Christlike disciples in the nations.

Why do we have the World Evangelism Fund?
The global mission of the Church of the Nazarene is a strategic undertaking. To accomplish the Great Commission—spreading the gospel and the message of holiness around the world—requires significant funding.

In “self-funded” missions, missionaries must spend valuable time raising their own financial support. They conduct services, take offerings, receive pledges of support, and pray that they are able to raise sufficient funds themselves. Sometimes, their time of service is shortened by lack of resources.  Larger churches are visited by more missionaries than they could possibly help, while some smaller churches are overlooked.

The World Evangelism Fund allows missionaries to serve with greater attention to their ministry and without the distraction of fund raising.

How does the World Evangelism Fund work?
The World Evangelism Fund goes directly toward accomplishing the mission of the Church of the Nazarene: to make Christlike disciples in the nations. The World Evangelism Fund operates the Church of the Nazarene and its entire mission effort, from the Global Ministry Center to the world’s unreached areas.


• The World Evangelism Fund provides full-time missionaries with a salary, medical insurance, a pension as well as housing and travel.

• The World Evangelism Fund provides literature in more than 90 languages. This includes resources for pastors and Bible-based teaching materials for children, youth, and adults.

• The World Evangelism Fund starts new churches around the world and provides training resources for equipping pastors and church leaders.

• The World Evangelism Fund underwrites ministries of the Board of General Superintendents, Nazarene Youth International, Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International, Global Mission, Nazarene Mission International, the International Board of Education, Stewardship Ministries and the offices of the General Treasurer and General Secretary. The World Evangelism Fund also provides the organizational framework for mission specials such as Work and Witness, World Mission Broadcast, Compassionate Ministries and the JESUS Film Harvest Partners.

The World Evangelism Fund is fueled by the generosity of Nazarenes around the world and expands the ministry of the local church to a global scale. Many, recognizing the effectiveness of the fund, choose to give well beyond their local church’s giving goal.  

How is the World Evangelism Fund collected?
The World Evangelism Fund is raised regularly in local Nazarene churches around the world. A new funding plan based on a “tithe-concept” was mandated by the General Assembly in 2005 and introduced in the 2010/2011 assembly year. Based on total income, churches will calculate 5.5 percent as a minimum goal to contribute to the World Evangelism Fund.

Many churches continue the tradition of giving two large offerings each year: the Thanksgiving and Easter offerings. Other churches use Faith Promise to raise their World Evangelism Fund.

Faith Promise is a plan based on mission giving at systematic intervals rather than just twice a year. Through Faith Promise, people pray and seek the Lord’s direction for missions giving (over and above their tithe). The amount is often given weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Many churches are using these methods, not only to meet their 5.5 percent World Evangelism Fund goal, but to go above and beyond in supporting the global mission of the Church of the Nazarene.

The Benefits of the World Evangelism Fund
Missionaries: Nazarene missionaries receive a regular paycheck, freeing them from the added worry of raising finances. Missionaries still with churches and conduct deputation services to inform people of happenings in their field of service; however, such activities do not consume a large portion of their time on the mission field.

Connectional Ministries: Nazarene churches around the world are well connected through  an administrative network , a mission strategy and ministerial training.

Churches: Regardless of size, every Nazarene church owns a share of the global mission endeavor. Also, just as individuals are blessed by God when they commit a portion of their resources for His kingdom, so churches are blessed when they set aside funds to help reach the lost around the world.

Thank You!
All of this is possible because of the generosity of Nazarenes around the world. Thank you for your prayers and your dedication to making Christlike disciples in the nations through your continued support of the World Evangelism Fund!