Visitor's FAQ

NOTE:  the answers to these questions will remain the same, even in the aftermath of the tornado - we plan to rebuild the building, and that will take a while, but the church will continue meeting - the church is not the building - we will meet at a new location until the building is rebuilt - and that permanent temporary location is the "Old Sanctuary" of Ovilla United Methodist Church, 1403 Red Oak Creek Rd, Ovilla, TX



A warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere. During our Sunday Morning Services you can expect Praise and Worship Music, Hymns, Prayer, Special Music, Worship in God's Word, Communion once a month, Tithes & Offerings, and More. We firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is the one in charge and we are just along for the ride. 


On Sunday mornings you will find a wide assortment of attire. Many of our people will wear traditional suits for men, dresses for ladies, casual clothes, jeans & t-shirts. We ask that people dress modestly and respect that this is the House of the Lord. We want you to feel welcome and do not want you to feel that you have to go and buy new clothes just to attend our services.


Our ministry to youth will continue during the rebuilding of our church after the destruction from the tornado on 12/26/15, though the formats will change.  We will keep you posted about these.


We have the best childcare available for nursery age children. 


Our prayer is that you and your family will have a warm and spirit-filled experience with us as we worship and fellowship together at our services, events, and ministries. If your question is not answered here, you may call (972)223-9213.


What is a Nazarene?

 The Church of the Nazarene gets its name from Jesus of Nazareth.  Because we're a smaller and less familiar denomination, you might be asking, "What is a Nazarene?"  "What are the Nazarene Church Beliefs?"

 Every church has its distinctives - practices, beliefs, or organizational structures that set it apart from other groups.  Sometimes this is confusing.  You might ask, "If the Bible is true and Jesus was who He said He was, why are there so many different churches with so many different beliefs?"

 The bottom line is that, with all the differences, Christian congregations agree on 95% of their beliefs and practices.  It is the other 5% that falls into the category of "distinctive."  The Church of the Nazarene takes its place with our brothers and sisters who confess Jesus as Lord.

  • Like Baptists, we believe in calling people to repentance and to witnessing to their new life in Christ through public baptism.
  • Like Presbyterians, we believe in the power of preaching God's Word to bring about change in people's lives.
  • Like Lutherans, we believe salvation to be a gift of God's grace secured by faith in Jesus' death on the Cross.
  • LIke Charismatics, we believe in the personal work of the Holy Spirit who gives us the power to live a victorious, Christ-like life and make a difference in the world; although we do not "speak in tongues" in our services.
  • Like Episcopalians, we take worship seriously, yet we do choose to be a little less "formal" in the way we worship.
  • Like Quakers and Moravians, we believe in living a careful life that testifies to a watching world that we belong to God.
  • Like Christian Missionary Alliance, we believe God calls us to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people next door, in our communities, and around the world.
  • Like United Methodists, we have our roots in the tradition of John Wesley and believe in the power of the small group to foster positive life change.


  August 2018  
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