Ambit Energy, our partner in fundraising....

Save money on your electric bill and support our church too.

We are not selling candy bars, wrapping paper, cookie dough or anything else you don't need.  In fact, you can help our cause by saving money on something you already use!!  We are hoping to help you save money on electricity by switching your service to Ambit Energy, our partner in this fundraising effort.
When you switch to Ambit, nothing will change except the size of your monthly energy bill.  There is no cost to switch.
For more information about Ambit's rate plans, or to enroll for service, please go to our fundraising website:
For specific information about the Project(s) that these funds go to, please see Pastor Ron or any member of the church's Excitement Committee (aka Church Board).
Below is some more information:

Ambit Advantages

Ambit has created one of the most attractive Customer rewards programs in the industry. Once you sign up, you get to enjoy the benefits of being an Ambit Energy Customer right away!

  July 2020  
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